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March 15, 2017

lostChildren from the ages of 4 to 7 with autism are 35% more likely to wander than neurotypical children.

After almost four weeks, there remains little news on the location of 14 year old Avonte Oquendo. A teenager did take a picture of someone who resembles the missing teenager Tuesday.  The family  a acknowledges the similarities but Avonte’s father Daniel says:

“It’s a close likeness. We need to get a better look to really tell. If we could find the individual who took the picture, that would help big time.”

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On a more positive note, four found individuals with autism have been located this week alone:

  • Monday – Portland, Oregon  12 year old Hailey Nory-Wilson phoned home around 4 am on Monday to say she was fine after leaving her home earlier Sunday evening and catching a train. Her step father reports that she had never been on a train prior to this.
  • Wednesday – Indianapolis  16 year old Michael Williams was found a few hours after being reported missing near his school, in part due to his wearing of a Project Lifesaver transmitter.
  • Wednesday – Yonkers, New York 14 year old Robert Richard was found around midnight after going missing earlier in the afternoon.
  • Friday- Mississauga, Canada 20 year old Andrew Garvin went missing from his home mid afternoon Thursday and was later found at a subway station in good health around 3:30 am Friday.

On a sadder note, 7 year old Michael Kingsbury’s death  was reported by Autism Daily Newscast in July.  Police confirm that the death has been ruled accidental.

Today is Halloween and many parents worry about their child bolting or running off during “trick or treating”.

No child should go lost or missing. Autism Daily Newscast is committed to looking at products and means to help all individuals on the autism spectrum to be found. However, prevention through educational methodologies need to be put into place. Still, many will bolt or wander.

To get the latest information on missing children, visit Missing Persons with Autism Facebook Page. This is a page created for the sole purpose of notifying the autism community of missing children and adults with autism.

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