Gigi Jordan admits in court to killing autistic son with lethal drug dose

courtGigi Jordan – On Wednesday Oct. 8 the trial of Gigi Jordan continued. She is the mother who is accused of killing her 8 year old autistic son and on Wednesday she took the stand. The New York Post reports that she told of how on numerous occasions she had tried to “cure” her son which ended in her administering a lethal cocktail of drugs while staying in a Manhattan hotel.

Gigi Jordan is a well known self made pharmaceutical millionaire.

During the trail she admitted to  defense lawyer, Allen Brenner that she administered drugs to both herself and her son that she believed would take both of their lives.

In Feb. 2010 Gigi Jordan was found lying on the floor next to her son, who had passesd away, at the Peninsula Hotel. She has said that this was a mercy killing.

She told the Court that Jude was a typically normal child for his first two years of life but then he started to regress. He was later diagnosed with autism but Jordan told that she did not believe this diagnosis was true and started various treatments in order to cure her son. This included receiving high doses of chemotherapy at Northwestern University where he also received a bone marrow transplant. She told on Wednesday:

“They wiped out all these white cells, immune cells and hopefully whatever abnormality or disease that was going on in these cells. Then new cells would reemerge and they wouldn’t have the same problem,”

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