June 3, 2018

phone_watch__65666.1331587356.1280.1280Technology continues to advance in providing new ways for parents to help keep track of the person with special needs who may either wander or bolt. One technological device in this category is the Geoskeeper personal cellular security communication bracelet.

This device has been designed for the safety of those with Alzheimer’s, children with autism or others people with medical conditions that may cause wandering. The device is worn on the wrist just like a bracelet but much larger. The person who you need to take care of wears the device like a wristwatch while you have access to a web-based platform from where you can monitor the location of the device whenever you want. The location data for this device is updated on a 10-minute basis. The alerts from the device can be set to specified email addresses and phone numbers.

What sets this item apart from other similar devices, is the fact that it uses the assisted GPS technology. It means that you will know the location of the device not only outdoors but indoors too. The device also has a speakerphone that will allow you to communicate with your child effectively. You can always enable the option for automatic receiving of the calls so the child doesn’t have to answer your call manually. The service provided with the device includes additional benefits such as a 24-hour access to emergency call center.

Geo-fencing has been one of the most useful options in tracking devices and this device allows you to do that with ease and convenience. You can create zones and whenever your child enters those zones or exits them, you will be notified immediately. You can also store speed-dial numbers on this device – only 2 numbers can be added at present. In the US, a monthly plan is what you need to activate all these services and you can always additionally include the 24 emergency call center service into the package if you want to make the security of your child foolproof. Both of these are not inexpensive.

The standby time of the device once the battery is fully charged is 90 hours. This is a fully customizable device and changing the stored phone numbers and contact lists is extremely easy too. Lastly, there is a panic button on the bracelet that allows the person in distress contact the people present in the contact list of the device.

While this device is extremely simply to use it is rather bulky to have a smaller child wear it – let alone keep it on. From the image it is clear that this particular device is rather large and may not fit a parent’s needs since the majority of children with autism who wander or bolt are under the age of eight. The price range without additional service packages is on the high end, starting at $329US making it one of the more expensive items for these kinds of devices.

More information is available on their web site here.

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