Former Philanthropist Builds Autism Behavior Center

Taken from Facebook

Taken from Facebook

Melbourne, FL –  Ed Scott, founder of Center for Global Development and philanthropist, most known for giving away millions to help advocacy groups, has finally founded one of his own. It’s called the Scott Center for Autism Treatment and was founded in 2009 with the help of Florida’s Institute of Technology and former Congressmen Dave Weldon who funded the center through government means.

The center was inspired by Scott’s son Reece. Like most people with autism Reece showed signs of being on the spectrum at an early age and didn’t speak until 4. He was eventually diagnosed with Aspergers and his parents found there was a huge lack of knowledge about the learning difference. But despite this, his son did well. He graduated form Georgetown and went on to get his masters from the University of Oxford. Inspired by this, the Scotts decided to spend their money on improving treatments and behavior modifications. 

As Scott told David Callahan of Inside Philanthropy, the center’s goal is

“Improving the life of the autistic child, and improving the life of the parents. And everyone else who deals with the autistic challenge.”

The center does this by training psychology graduate students how to work with individuals with autism as well as the families. They also conduct behavior research to find the best working strategies for people and families dealing with autism. 

The original article by David Callahan on the Inside Philanthropy website can be read here