Former autistic student sues Pennsylvania school for keeping him off varsity hockey team

CC BY-ND by jbarcena

Gibsonia Pennysylvania – A former student with an autism diagnosis is suing his school for keeping him from playing varsity level hockey because of his diagnosis.

The 18 year old student known only as J.G in the federal law suit filed against Pine-Richland school district, claims that he played hockey for several years with no major implications, and was even the highest scoring player in his junior varsity team.

In 2012 he spoke to his parents repeatedly that he was experiencing problems with his coach, and was beeing taunted by fellow team mates and other players during matches.

The problems he experienced could not be resolved by meetings with the coach, and association coaching staff, and was made worse when he wasn’t picked for the team despite it having four free slots.

No quote was given by the boy’s lawyers at time of publishing.