Follow up article on Cheryl Broadfoot’s head shave for Hearts and Minds Charity

JGO_Hearts_Minds_Ball_58In October Autism Daily Newscast reported on Hearts and Minds events coordinator Cheryl Broadfoot and her mission to raise awareness about autism and related sensory issues as well as raising money for the Manchester based charity. You can read the article here. The Hearts and Minds Las Vega Charity Ball took place on November 9.

Cheryl appeared on the stage at the Hearts and Minds Las Vegas Ball at Manchester’s Hilton Hotel and bravely had all of her long hair shaved off by Jennifer Metcalfe and Stephanie Waring from the Channel 4 soap, Hollyoaks.

Cheryl told us:

JGO_Hearts_Minds_Ball_71“The event was a roaring success raising over £30,000 for Hearts and minds. Everyone dug deep and really got behind all of the cause. When it was announced at the beginning of the evening that my head was to be shaved there was a huge gasp from the partygoers and a show of £10 notes as everyone’s hand raised in the air.”

Cheryl told us that Jennifer and Stephanie were very brave to agree to cut her hair, especially in front of such a large audience but as they support the charity they were so very happy to help.

JGO_Hearts_Minds_Ball_61      JGO_Hearts_Minds_Ball_80

Jennifer Metcalfe said about Cheryl:

JGO_Hearts_Minds_Ball_84“She’s brave, fair play to her for doing it. She’s got lovely hair as well, it’s a shame to cut it off but it’s a great charity to do it for.”

Autism Daily Newscast was interested to find out how Cheryl‘s son Bobby reacted to her dramatic new hairstyle. Cheryl told us that Bobby had a great reaction to the new haircut on the Sunday morning. He climbed into bed with Cheryl as he always does for his morning cuddle and just lay there stroking her head. He greets his mum in the same way now every morning.

Cheryl is still planning to raise £5,000 for the charity and donations are still accepted until the 10th December.

You can donate here
Hearts and Minds Charity website