Film documentary ‘Do it Differently’ – Dads talk about autism

do it DIFFERENTLYFan Blade films present Do it Differently –  A film by director Scott Phillips, that explores the complex emotions, thoughts and feelings of four fathers, Mike Whitty, Damian Gobel, Jonathon Ayers and Mike Guido who care for a child on the autistic spectrum.

Scott writes on his YouTube page about the film:

Please share this video. Four fathers with one thing in common, they are all raising a child with Autism. In their owns words they share their struggles and successes, fears and hopes, while projecting a quiet strength. Let them inspire you to do it differently.

This thought provoking film tells life as it is for these men and I have to say that as a mother watching the film, I well and truly had my eyes opened. This film gives out such such a positive message and I believe that it is truly unique in that it shows that dads have a voice, which is so rarely heard.

The entire film which was originally released in 2012, can be viewed below.

Having watched the film I got in touch with Scott Phillips, director of the film, in order to ask him some questions. He kindly put me in touch with the dad’s featured in the film, so that I could catch up with them and find out how life was for them all now.

Below is my interview with Scott, I wanted to ask him what inspired him to make the film and how the film evolved.

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Scott Phillips, director of the film
Mike Whitty and Kyle
Damian Gobel and Nathan
Jonathon Ayers and Sam
Mike Guido and Maria