Film Documentary, ‘Aspie Seeks Love’ documents twenty years of searching for true love

Aspie Seeks Love poster by Jim RuggFilm documentary, Aspie Seeks Love – is a new film documentary from ANIMAL, the production company who brought us the Sundance-winning BLOOD BROTHER.

Aspie Seeks Love is a film that follows David Matthews, a now nearly 50-year- old man who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome ate age forty-one. He is an artist and writer of fiction novels. The film spans the last twenty years of David’s life in his search for love. While watching the film we follow a ‘fearless outsider who has been searching for love longer than many of us have been alive.’ David uses fliers featuring pop culture and ‘suave’ photographs of himself, in order to secure himself a date and to find love.

We were incredibly excited when the opportunity arose to be able to watch an advanced screening of the film. We are also happy to be able to share some of the story with you for Valentine’s Day. Rather appropriate we think.

We don’t want to give too much away but all we will say is that the film is engaging, funny, thought provoking and emotive. While watching the film, you quickly forget that you are watching a man with Asperger’s syndrome, instead you just see a man who is searching for love. You become immersed in his story. You will never view the need for human relationships and contact in relation to Asperger’s syndrome, in quite the same way again.

There are many scenes of humor during the film, when David takes a ‘selfie’ of himself before meeting his date for the first time at the airport, when he goes in search of the perfect Valentines gift etc. However there are also moments of extreme poignancy, the scene where his old college school friend tells that David wanted a photo taken of himself, with his college friends, to prove to his family that his friends really existed. Then there is the scene where one of his girlfriend’s tells that she has been asked if David is ‘capable of love.’

Ultimately though, what we see is David, a man who is incredibly funny, articulate ad incredibly engaging.

We were absolutely thrilled and slightly nervous when we had the opportunity to be able to interview both David and Julie about this thought provoking film.

Before we share their interviews with you, take a look at the trailer for the film, shown on the next page….