Father tells of how he will never forgive his ‘estranged wife’ for trying to kill their autistic daughter

kelli stapletonMichigan, US – Matt Stapleton,whose wife Kelli tried to kill their autistic daughter, Issy now aged 15, has filed for divorce, claiming he’ll never forgive her for what she did.

The attempted murder happened 10 months ago, Autism Daily Newscast first reported on this story back in May and can be read here.

Mr Stapleton has now spoken out about the event of that day for the very first time stating;

‘I still love her but I’ll never forgive her.’

Issy was diagnosed with autism at 2, The Mail Online reports that when Issy became violent towards her classmates her parents were forced to pull her out of school because of the safety of other students.

However attacks still happened at home.

In January 2013 they got Issy into a residential autism treatment center, the Great Lake Center for Autism Treatment in Potage which really helped to calm her and helped to control her outbursts. Issy was there for seven months and the incident involving Mrs Stapleton happened days after Issy’s release from the unit.

Kelli Stapleton allegedly lit two charcoal grills in the van they were sat in with the windows up. Both were found unconscious and survived.

Kelli Stapleton has pleaded not guilty.

The original article by Helen Pow in the Mail Online can be read here