Family win legal case against state of Ohio to provide autism therapy for son

Ohio Cincinnati — Robert and Holly Young’s legal victory will serve good to many families who have children on the autism spectrum in the state of Ohio. After filing charges against the Ohio State Department in 2012, the Youngs have been awarded $142,000 as a settlement in their highly publicized legal battle against the state. The family’s victory has paved way for children with autism in Ohio to get better access to healthcare provided by the state government.

The couple filed charges against the state for refusing to provide a therapy known as Applied Behavior Analysis to their son, Roman, who was then two years old. The Youngs said the therapy was crucial to their son, who has autism, and that without it, lasting damage could be inflicted.

Last year, US District Judge Michael Barrett ruled in favor of the Youngs, and ordered that 40 weeks of intensive therapy be provided for their son by the Ohio Department of Health and Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Speaking of their victory in court, Holly Young stated:

“The money was never a a huge part for me. Getting the state to do what it was supposed to be doing for kids was the biggest thing. $180,000 was what we originally were asking so it was pretty good.”

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Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta