Family urges city officials to erect traffic signs to protect son with autism

road signRacine, Wisconsin – A local family is urging city officials to erect specialized traffic signs in their neighborhood encouraging drivers to drive cautiously due to their young son having Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The parents of Markus Krencisz are fighting for traffic signs to be erected near their home to make those driving in the area aware of their son’s special needs. The youngster engages in what experts commonly refer to as “elopement” which is a child’s sudden bolting or meandering away from either their homes or the care of a supervising adult.

Oftentimes children on the spectrum are severely injured or killed as a result with studies suggesting that elopement is one of the leading causes of death amongst children with the disorder. The Krenciszs are therefore hoping that the city will allow their request to have the signs put up in hopes of lowering the chances of their son potentially being hurt in a traffic accident.

However the Autism Society of Southwest Wisconsin has been reluctant to support the proposed signage. Officials at the organization argue that alerting the public of the presence of youngsters who are vulnerable to child predators could potentially put the kids at risk.

The city’s Traffic Commission will be discussing the matter at a scheduled meeting on Monday.

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