Family Cat saves Young Boy with Autism from Savage Dog Attack

Triantafilo family from Facebook

Triantafilo family from Facebook

Bakersfield, California – A video has gone viral on YouTube (see below) shows the moment when a young boy’s cat saves him from a savage dog attack.

Jeremy Triantafilo aged 4 has autism and was sat on his bicycle outside his family home when a dog escaped from its home through an open gate and approached the young boy from behind. The dog grabbed Jeremy’s leg and pulling him to the ground. At this point, Tara the family cat comes to the rescue.

Tara comes running and jumps on the dog therefore pushing him away from the Jeremy. Tara then chases the dog away.

The video shows the mother who come running to check on Jeremy runs off. The father, Roger Triantafilo, on Facebook wrote

“After checking his wounds she made sure the dog did not return for a second attempt. The owners were there also and she was bit by the dog as she tried to pin him in his yard. The owners did get control of the dog and secured him in which she immediately returned to attending to our son. I did not include that video because it was not so much about the dog but about the cats actions. “

A neighbor called 911 for the boy and his mother.

Jeremy needed stitches to deep wounds on his legs.  Jeremy said that Tara is is hero and that she saved him from:

‘a mean dog – I got an owie!’

The boy’s mother said on Facebook:

‘We aren’t upset with our neighbors, we’re just thankful our son wasn’t injured more… Our cat is my hero!’

The dog was taken by Bakersfield Animal Control.

The video whcih now has over 6 million views in under 48 hours can be viewed below. WARNING – it does contain graphic content