Erin Corrado Director of ‘Hold Me Steady: A Story of Autism Service Dogs’

Film still from Hold Me Steady - photo by Erin Corrado

Film still from Hold Me Steady – photo by Erin Corrado

Erin Corrado, Toronto, Canada – is a filmmaker and has recently directed a film about autism service dogs. The film portrays society’s views on the world of autism and weaves together information through conversations with families and professionals including Prof.Tony Atwood and Dr. Temple Grandin. Erin also narrates the film.

Autism Daily Newscast had the great pleasure of interviewing Erin and finding out more about her life and the film and her story is featured in our Autistic Spectrum Digest, Issue 4 which is available on the Apple Newsstand today. Here is an excerpt. Erin told us that the film:

‘Shows a respectful portrait of the way service dogs help in daily life, this is a picture of the autism community and the special relationships inside of it. Sometimes, we all need an anchor – something, someone, to hold us steady through life.’

Erin has been involved within the autism community her entire life. She has family members who are on various ends of the autistic spectrum, she told us:

“It is something I have grown up around and it is not foreign to me – it just is. In some ways, since I was very young when I was first introduced to the term autism, I always knew the people first and the label second.”

Erin made it very clear to us that she wanted the project to allow the children to have a voice, not merely the adults speaking for them.

“Overall, the goal was to show a respectful portrait of the families, and I think that will be clear to anyone who watches it.”

A crowdfunding campaign is running at present in the hope to raise the minimum $2000 to bring the film to audiences. This can be found here
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You can watch the film trailer here