Empatica develops Embrace, a wearable device for individuals with autism

EmbraceCambridge, Mass. — Empatica, a company based both in Massachusetts and Milan, is crowdfunding for a wearable device it developed, which can track physiological stress, sleep and physical activities, as well as emotional arousal— and is able to detect seizures on its onset for individuals with epilepsy.

The wearable device also automatically informs caregivers when the patient is having seizures as soon as it begins.

The device, also known as Embrace, was designed not just for individuals with epilepsy, but also for those with autism, individuals with other chronic disorders, as well as those who are perfectly healthy.

According to Empatica CEO Matteo Lai:

“It’s a very, very well-received sensor and it’s enabled projects that are difficult to do with lab equipment, because it’s clinically valuable data that you can get in the field. So you can give it to patients so you can get data and you can study everything from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, depression, stress, anxiety, and also epilepsy and autism.”

Empatica is currently seeking for the FDA’s clearance for Embrace, and is already in the process of developing additional apps to expand the uses of the wearable device.

So far, their Indiegogo funding campaign has already reached nearly $400,000, about four times their original goal.

The Embrace Indiegogo page can be found by clicking here

Source: : Jonah Comstock on the Mobi Heath News website: Empatica crowdfunding Embrace, a wearable for epilepsy