August 29, 2014

The Autism Show The Autism Show Podcast , Vancouver, BC –  The Autism Show Podcast is a weekly interview show with leading autism advocates, educators, professionals, and organizations with the mission of sharing inspiring stories and best resources with the global autism community.

Autism advocate, Dr. Temple Grandin, granted interview to aid in launch of The Autism Show Podcast on August 26th. The Autism Show is a new online autism radio podcast featuring short weekly interviews for the global autism community of parents and educators.

Each episode of the Autism Show Podcast will feature an interview with leading autism advocates, educators, and organizations to share their inspirational stories and best resources with the global autism community.

The Autism Show has partnered with Future Horizons Inc to offer a giveaway of Dr. Temple Grandin’s new book, The Way I See It – Collectors 3rd Edition.

Catherine Pascuas, producer and host of The Autism Show Podcast said:

“I was inspired by Temple Grandin to develop strengths in children on the autism spectrum so it’s been my honor to be able to interview Temple for the launch of the Autism Show Podcast,”

The Autism Show Podcast launches on Tuesday August 26th with new episodes available every Tuesday for free to listeners on and iTunes.

You can read Temple Grandin’s interview here

More information about the first podcast ‘1: Bruce & Erin Wilson: Autism wandering solutions with If I Need Help’ can be found here

The first podcast episode can be heard below

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