Dr. Robin Parker, Creator of the Autism Blog, Dies at Age Fifty

Dr. Robin ParkerNorth Lauderdale, Florida – Dr  Robin Parker – died Wednesday, aged 50, from pancreatic cancer.  She has worked tirelessly throughout the years, determined to unlock the mysteries of autism.

Dr Parker, and friend, Nova Professor Carole Zangari, began the autism blog, Practical AAC, 2.5  years ago to help educate people about autism.

Professor Zangari says in the Miami Herald article:

“Her passion was helping people like therapists and special educators help children with autism,”

She then further adds:

“The blog was a happy place for her. She was all about helping individuals who can’t speak gain a voice.”

Dr Parker spoke last year about a new “game changer”.  These new game changers are apps that could help people on the autism spectrum transition into the mainstream through improved communication

Her husband tells in the Miami Herald :

 ” Parker is survived by her husband Glenn, daughter Sarah, son Michael, her parents Lenore and David Rosenthal, her sister Cari Smith, brother-in-law Alan Smith, and nieces Rachel Smith and Heather Smith Bitterman, “and our dog Annie, a Shih Tzu; she was the most important ‘person’ in her life,”

Services will be held on Friday Friday at Star of David Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Funeral Chapel, 7701 Bailey Rd., North Lauderdale

Here is a video of an interview of Dr. Robin Parker conducted by Dr. Cyndy Hayes in preparation for a workshop on Autism in Saudi Arabia last fall.

The original article by Howard Cohen in the Miami Herald can be read here