Donald Trump hops aboard the Anti vaccination boat from the safety of Twitter

Donald Trump has quite publicly hopped aboard the anti vaccination campaign by voicing his opinion quite publicly on social networking site Twitter.

IT is certainly not the first time Mr Trump has voiced his opinion in such a public forum. His Twitter outburst in March of this year caused a very public split within opinions of the autism community. On March 27 to coincide with a release from the CDC regarding vaccinations he wrote:

“Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!” Donald wrote on Twitter. “With autism being way up, what do we have to lose by having doctors give small dose vaccines vs. big pump doses into those tiny bodies?”

He seems to have expanded some further vitriol on September 4, tweeting again to parents of children with autism:




Capture 2


Chris Joseph for the New Times writes:

But all of that stuff could be reduced to simply being white noise from a very self-involved, narcissistic man with lots of time on his hands.

Yet, in the past 24 hours, Trump has gone from insufferable real-life cartoon villain to downright dangerous. His latest crusade has been to ignore medical science and inexplicably jump headlong into the “vaccinations cause autism” argument.

Starting on Wednesday morning, Trump took to Twitter to give his unsolicited thoughts and feelings towards the pseudo science craze that children get autism from vaccinations.

It seems that Mr Trump has many followers from the younger generation who agreed with everything he tweeted, as he becomes another public figure to take a strong sand in the vaccination debate.