Disgraceful – Police chase man with autism for ‘fun’ and ‘their own amusement’

handBedfordshire, UK – Autism Daily Newscast were horrified to read the account of two police officers who chased an autistic man, just for ‘fun’. PCs Christopher Thomas and Christopher Pitts chased Mr Faruk Ali, 33, who has autism while he was putting the bins out. They chased him in the police car then PC Thomas attacked him. The incident took place on February 20

Aylesbury Crown Court were shown a video from the in-car camera of the police car concerned, that showed the officers laughing and then chasing Mr Ali on foot.
PC Thomas, 33,  denies racially aggravated assault and both deny perverting the course of justice.
The prosecution told that these officers chased Mr Ali for “fun” and “their own amusement”

Mr Ali, has the mental age of a three year-old and always gets up early on  Thursday morning to put the bins out.

The trial continues and is expected to last two weeks.

The original article on the BBC News website can be found here