Denise Welch and Lucy Hawkins – Celebrities to Slam Katie Hopkins for Mocking Autism

Katie Hopkins on 'This Morning'

Katie Hopkins on ‘This Morning’

British TV personality Katie Hopkins has been under fire for her mockery of autism in some of her statements addressed to UK politician Ed Miliband. A number of famous personalities have expressed disgust over what they call Hopkins’ vile remarks where she was mocking the developmental condition.

Denise Welch, well know British actor, and Lucy Hawking, daughter of Stephen Hawking and mother of an autistic son, have both tweeted their outrage at Hopkin’s comments.

The controversial TV personality has sparked widespread outrage when she posted inappropriate statements on her official Twitter account, which contained hostile remarks towards individuals on the spectrum. One of Hopkins’ posts read:

“ED STOP LOOKING AT US, you are weird. look at people not a machine, try to ACT off the Spectrum”.

And another said:Denis Walsh takes on Katie Hopkins

“Have just seen that lovely Ed Miliband on my TV. For one so clearly on the spectrum – he really is a high achiever. Well done Ed. Go you.”

Denise Welch- from Wikipedia

Denise Welch- from Wikipedia

Welch replied to Hopkins’ post, saying:

“Wow! We’ve had mental illness, dementia, weight issues and today… autism!!!”

“Go @KTHopkins you vile bully.”

Welch later on proceeded to call the attention of the Sun, the newspaper that Hopkins writes for, and said:

“Your columnist @TheSunNewspaper is today belittling those on the autistic spectrum. You must be so proud of her!”

A petition on has already been filed, calling for Hopkins to make a public apology to the autism community. As of writing, more than 4,000 individuals have already signed the petition. Among the signatures is Lucy Hawking who wrote a polite piece published in the Guardian last Thursday: “Dear Katie Hopkins. Stop making life harder for disabled people.”

Hawking wrote,

“And when someone with your public profile tells others that it’s okay to mock people with disabilities, you cause enormous damage.”

Hopkins responded with,

Lucy Hawkings

Welch continued berating Hopkins on Twitter over the weekend (strong language),

“No @KTHopkins. She is the daughter of a severely disabled man & the mother of an autistic child you ignorant bitch!”

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