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June 26, 2015

Daryl Hannah
Daryl Hannah
Daryl Hannah
at the 2014 Environmental Media Awards, Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA 10-18-14
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We have covered various stories revolving around Daryl Hannah on numerous occasions, our last report was on May 20, and can be read here; Update – Daryl Hannah opens up about her life with autism.

This week, the Guardian reported on her new role in the Netflix original series, Sense8. The interview conducted in Paris, touches upon her involvement in environmental campaigns and the hope that her new role will provide something of a comeback. The 12-part sci-fi drama revolves around eight characters, who live in various parts of the world but who are all connected mentally and emotionally.

Daryl told that she is excited about the series, which is a slow burner, stating:

“I believe that when you see the whole series it will expand your mind,”

During the interview she voices her feelings, once again about her insecurities growing up and that she was different and weird: even when she was cast in leading roles as an attractive, strong female character, such as Pris in Blade Runner and famously the mermaid in Splash.

During her adolescence she was diagnosed  as “borderline autistic” and she tells that acting for her was a way in which to escape into a fantasy world. Her role within Blade Runner allowed her “to become another person. I wanted to live in another reality.”

Although Daryl tells that she enjoyed the acting process, what she was not prepared for was all the publicity that came with it.

”I didn’t realise that, because I was a self-conscious, picked-on kid, when people were looking at me, I’d feel they were making fun of me”

Hannah had been seen in  earlier in the week in St Tropez, France in the company of her new companion of the last 10 months Neil Young. Young who filed from divorce from his wife Pegi Young, last July have two grown children, one who has cerebral palsy. Young has often attended and supported various benefits for awareness and fundraising on issues around disabilities. Both Neil and Hannah are active in protecting and advocating for the environment.

Source: Dan Brooks on the Guardian website: Daryl Hannah: ‘It’s scary being in solitary’




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