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DanceMomsFilm and television reviews by our resident autistic film critic Maymay.

Set in Pittsburgh’s renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, the series follows children’s early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and bow…all under the discerning eye of Miller. Seeing the highs and lows surrounding competition season delivers an intriguing and dramatic look at the cast’s frantic pursuit of the ultimate National Dance title.

I like watching the girls on this show dance. I think the dances are beautiful. My three favorite dancers are Chloe,Mackenzie, and Maddie. I do like all the girls though. I don’t understand why Cathy is still on this show. She annoys me so much. She doesn’t even teach her students anything. She hires a different choreographer every time. Also she is too obsessed with beating Abby and Abby doesn’t even care about Cathy.I also get really annoyed with Cathy always showing up in the ALDC’s dressing room to cause a problem.If you don’t want a problem between the the two studio’s then stop making one.

The moms arguing all the time isn’t great either. One day they are all friends and the next they despise each other. I also think the moms need to trust Abby a little more. Abby does have a strange way of teaching the kids but at least they are learning something right?


  • Deanna P says:

    I love the show. My kids were competition cheerleaders and their coaches were the same way… Kids come home crying but ready to go back the next day. They won everything, regionals, nationals, tour of champions. So the coaches do something right. Cheer mom’s are pretty crazy too but dance mom’s take the cake! I agree, Cathy needs to be off the show. She is a biotch! And adds nothing to the show. Maddie and Kendall and Chloe are my favorite dancers. Look out Maddie, Kendall is on your heels! Keep up the great work, I love watching all of you girls dance.

  • Donna Gerhard says:

    This posts about Dance Mom’s is taken so out of context. Abby Lee Miller in the first 2 Seasons were decent. The calm before the storm. Do not Blame the Mom’s behavior from what we viewed as deplorable. And, Abby Lee Miller’s rant’s oh those we saw were very real. As she became a household name her fame went to her head. She turned her students against eachother as she did with the Mom’s. Parents can take so much as, for them leaving was not that easy for they were under contract with Lifetime for 5 years plus a contract with Abby at her studio. You, break the contract you pay a fine$$$$. Kelly Hyland could take just so much,she snapped. Brooke and Paige faced Abby’s mean streak and we all watched it unfold. Then,Chole got it after the Hylands left. The Lifetime producer Jeff Collins edited the ulgy side to up the drama and raise the ratings at any cost and allowed child abuse by Abby Lee Miller. Dance Mom’s is over there will not be a next season.A lawsuit against Abby Lee Miller by Paige who is suffering the consequences from continured verbal abuse. That was not acting it was sick and depraved by the devil in sheep’s clothing Abby. Abby needs to be shut down and never be allowed to teach children ever again. If, Dance Mom’s should continue it needs to be with another instructor without any input from Abby and bring back The Hyland girls and Chloe. Forget about Maddie and Mackenzie Melissa, will be in Hollywood but, child stars only last a short period. Cuteness is not enough. But Abby Lee Miller has caused a lot of damage for what? Fame at the price of a child. She is evil personafied and should be so ashamed of herself. But, for Abby to admit anything,you can forget about it.

  • Georgiegirl says:

    Abby did not bring the girls to her studio their mothers did the knew what she was like and what they where signing up for (10 -12 years at studio ) this is not an after school dance team abby is training them to work professionally. . You can tell which kids want to dance and those who want to be famous . In the real world no director or producer would put up with some of the moms their child would be sacked . Is Abby rude yes is Abby tough yes does she produce great dancers yes . All coaches / teachers have favorites nothing new all coaches/teachers push their kids to be their best . Cathy should not be on the show she doesn’t train any of the dancers on her team or cherography their dances what does she do .

  • Nicole says:

    Abby is tough. She is a good choreographer, and she is a tough teacher. There is nothing wrong with being hard on the kids, in fact, that is probably a good preparation for the rest of their dance lives. However, Abby is insulting the children. She has called the children worthless, untalented, stupid (“she needs to go to the doctors to get her brain checked, there must be something with her.”) There is NO reason to insult the child when correcting their dancing. You don’t tell your students, “2 + 2 is 4, you idiot.” Just the same way you don’t tell a child she can’t straighten her legs because she’s stupid.

  • maureen says:

    I know that Abby is a good teacher but she goes the wrong way with the children, insulting them, calling them names. I would not have my child there for anything because she is damaging their spirits and most of them would end up with a lot of issues and low self esteem. I dont blame Kelly for suiing her, Good for Kelly. The mothers need to take their children out of there and I am sure there are plenty of dance schools that treat their students with respect and care.
    As for Cathy, she is so NASTY and childish, I don’t know why she is on anyway she does not teach her kids anything, she plucks them out of other studios and hires a teacher for them. This arguing in front of the children is disgusting and harmful, The children will need to have therapy when they get older.

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