Cranston police officers to receive autism training

image taken from the Cranston, RI Police Department Facebook page

image taken from the Cranston, RI Police Department Facebook page

CRANSTON, R.I. – Police officers in Cranston are now to receive specialist training in how to interact with individuals who have autism.

We recently covered the story, Petition Launched for Autism Awareness and Special Needs Recognition Training for US Law Enforcement that can be read here.

A news release was issued on Sunday April 26, in which Colonel Michael Winquist told that Officer Jason Head of the Newport Police Department, will lead the training of Cranston’s police officers will receive the training, They will be trained in to recognize the signs of autism and how it is best to interact and make contact with those individuals who have autism.

Colonel Winquist told that individuals with autism are estimated to have seven times more contact with the police, during their lifetime, but that only twenty percent of patrol responses to individuals with autism, are related to criminal activity.

Officers will be provided with basic information on how to best communicate and approach individuals with autism, this will be for both emergency and non-emergency situations, “we will be able to prevent behavioral escalation and resolve a situation easily.”

Source: on Eyewitness News: Cranston Police to receive training regarding autism