Chris Goodchild – Autism is a Painful Gift

Chris Goodchild - screenshot taken from the BBC news website

Chris Goodchild – screenshot taken from the BBC news website

The BBC Health news site states that there are nearly half a million adults in the UK with undiagnosed autism. The Royal College of GPs have now  launched a training programme that aims to raise the awareness of autism and to help in the improvement of  diagnosis.

In a short interview with the BBC,Chris Goodchild talks of how he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 42 and he spoke of how it has affected his life.

He describes autism as a painful gift,”like fingernails on a blackboard,” is how he feels when traveling in large crowds, especially when on the underground.

He also talks about how his life revolves around lists and that without them his life wold fall apart. Mr Goodchild also tells of how he does not like clutter as this clutters his mind.

He talks openly abut how he self harmed as a teenager. He sees his marls as;

“midwifery marks that helped to give birth to unimaginable pain, unimaginable confusion.”

Chris Goodchild is the author of A Painful Gift: The Journey of a Soul with Autism, that is available from Amazon

 Source: BBC News Health website: ‘Autism for me is a painful gift