Children in Yorkshire, UK waiting too long for therapy

Yorkshire UK –  Children referred to paediatricians in North Yorkshire are being made to wait in excess of NHS guideline waiting times in parts of North Yorkshire.

245 children are currently listed for assessment 180 of which have exceeded the three month waiting period.

NHS in North Yorkshire told BBC News  that good progress was being made to cut these waiting times.

Scarborough hospital was among the worst performers in the county according to government figures released from North Yorkshire’s four Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Jane Probert, autism coordinator  from the NHS body which took over speaking to the BBC earlier this week:

“We are working closely with the four CCGs in North Yorkshire and York, who are responsible for commissioning autism assessment services, to create extra capacity for assessments which will help reduce waiting times.

“Good progress is being made with this, but it will take time.”

She also commented that levels of autism referrals had exceeded the original calculation for the area.