Child with autism reportedly abused by teacher’s aide

image taken from the Facebook page Justice for Priestley

image taken from the Facebook page Justice For Priestley

Henrico, Va. -The father of a child with autism says that his daughter was abused by a teacher’s aide in her school and that he has an audio recording to prove it.

Britton Ellis, father to 8-year-old Presley, says that he believes that his child was likely both physically and emotionally abused by the teacher’s aide.

According to Ellis, the audio recording captured the very incident wherein Presley was locked up in the bathroom by the aide, and that she can be heard screaming to be let out of the room.

The Henrico father believes that Presley was locked up in the bathroom for several minutes, and that it was during that time that the aide had physically hit the young girl.

But when Ellis reported the incident to the school officials, they allegedly dismissed his claims as ‘unfounded’.

Ellis says that the believes that school officials had not taken him seriously until he produced copies of the audio recording.

On the other hand, school spokesperson Andy Jenks claims that they were not aware about the audio recordings until a few days ago.

Jenks said, however, that they have already notified both the Child Protection Services as well as the local police of the incident.

Local authorities are currently investigating the alleged incident.

A Facebook page has been made for Presley by supporters surrounding him and her family.

Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta