Cellphone videos and text messages used as evidence in assault case of autistic teen

CC BY-NC-ND by Bradley.Johnson.

Southern Maryland, Chopticon High School – cellphone videos and text messages have provided evidence in the case of two teen girls who are alleged to have assaulted an autistic schoolmate aged 16. Autsima Daily Newscast reported on the case in March which can be read here

John Pleisse St. Mary’s County assistant state’s attorney said that what investigators found on the cellphones of the girls, 15 and 17, is making his job far easier.

The younger of the two girls, a student at Chopticon High School, was sentenced to up to six years in a state juvenile detention center.

The 15-year-old’s cellphone had been used to record videos of the attacks, including a knife allegedly being held to the boy’s neck.

Both girls have shown little remorse in their texts to one another, Pleisse said.

“They were saying things like, ‘The only thing we did wrong was we were stupid, and we videotaped it, and we won’t do that again,’ ”

Pleisse said the constant use of cellphones by teens is a prosecutor’s dream.

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