Carly Fleischmann’s heart wrenching call for help

Carly Fleischmann pleaA desperate and garbled plea for help appeared on the autism advocate and Social Media spokesperson Carly Fleishmann’s Facebook page on Wednesday February 25.

The message appeared allegedly written by Carly and translated by a person unknown calling for help from two of her doctors. In a previous interview with Autism Daily Newscast, her father Arthur Fleischmann candidly revealed that Carly has been deteriorating but is fighting; and that she is still showing signs of being in good humour with her regular therapists and doctors.

The family have recently spoken about the circumstances surrounding Carly’s disappearance from social media and networking, and we can only imagine what they are going through in their support for the usually outspoken twenty year old.

Comments on the FaceBook post resound in well wishing for Carly’s improvement.

Editor’s Note: Autism Daily Newscast is in contact with the family and we will bring you accurate news when it is relevant to share. In the meantime, I know that I speak for all our staff and regular contributors is also wishing Carly and the best in what is bound to be a lengthy recover process.


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