Canada – Why are children with special needs waiting so long to access health services?

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA – Health and Wellness Minister, Doug Currie is being pressed by the opposition party with regard to waiting periods for services for children with special health needs. Opposition House leader, James Aylward went into detail during a question time session  in the Legistlature on Thursday regarding the long wait periods,   preschool children are having to wait up to two years for an autism assessment. Currie responded stating the government is working in conjunction with Health P.E.I.

The province announced in September that they will be providing $750,000 during the next five years for those children with complex and additional needs. Alyward responded that the amount of money proposed would not make a dent in wait times.

Presently the extra medical help provided to those with complex needs is only provided until the child reaches the age of six. He is proposing that this kind of assistance should be provided until the age of eighteen.

Currie stated:

“My expectation, I will be getting updates on the reduction of those wait times which is tied into the investment we made, so children with unique needs and their families get the support they need.”

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