Campaign For Disability Awareness Holds Charity Disco Night

Sharon with co founder Michelle, Caroline and Kyle Coleman

Sharon with Michelle Fallick, Caroline and Kyle Coleman

Plymouth, Devon, Campaign for Disability Awareness,  CFDA –  held a charity disco night at St Aidan’s Church, Ernesettle on August 22  to help raise funds for the campaign. Autism Daily Newscast has reported about CFDA on many occasions, the story of how they set up can be read here.

Sharon Tiday, founder of CFDA told Autism Daily Newscast:

“It was a great night enjoyed by parents as well as the children and the charity received brilliant support from Dame Hannah Rodgers Trust Director,  Steve Bailey, who brought along Access All Ariels  DJ’s.

Access Ariel DJ

Access Ariel DJ

Access All Ariels run a monthly radio show with  CFDA at Dame Hannah Rodgers Trust at Seale Hayne in Newton Abbot. The show interviews people with disabilities .Recently  they interviewed Autism Ambassador Kevin Healey which we reported on and can be read here.

At the Disco they received support from The Dame Hannah All Stars band and the very inspiring Kyle Coleman who has non verbal autism. He is a singer who has produced numerous albums .

Sharon Tiday founded Campaign for Disability Awareness Lessons on Facebook because as a mother with children with disabilities,  she believes that education should be taking a key role in helping children in mainstream primary schools, to learn about disabilities.

Kerry McManus from Make a Difference support group for families with disabled children

Kerry McManus from Make a Difference support group for families with disabled children

Michelle Fallick is also a mother to a child with disabilities  and plays a major role in the running of the campaign, alongside Sharon, as well as being the charity treasurer.

As well as a disco and live music, the charity hired sensory equipment from the Play Aassociation and created a sensory room beside the main hall, which Sharon told was a great hit with the children.

Sharon and Michelle with Steve Bailey, director of Hannah's

Sharon and Michelle with Steve Bailey, director of Hannah’s

For anyone interested in knowing more or wishing to support the charity, you can make contact via Facebook,  as well as on twitter.

Sharon told us that:

“the charity is now supported by over three thousand members, ranging from parents, celebrities and autism ambassadors such as Kevin Healey, Anna Kennedy and recently Dr Temple Grandin and England NHS Commisioner, Amran Hussain, who all feel that awareness is extremely essential to create a more understanding and accepting society.”

The event was  filmed  by Red Squirrel productions and will soon  be released as a  charity promotional video .