Britt Burr, The Arc’s assistant director of autism services to set up new theatre program

The ArcBritt Burr, Carroll, Westminster, M D – is The Arc’s assistant director of autism services and has helped build a program for adults with autism from the ground up, the Carroll County Times reports.

Britt began her job at the nonprofit organisation last month and has been working on creating the new service, which consists among many things a theater program.

Britt spoke in an interview with the Carroll County Times and spoke about the many conceptions that people have towards those individuals who have autism. She said:

Britt Burr, taken from Facebook

Britt Burr, taken from Facebook

“I think, if you talk to someone with autism, they’ll say they don’t like the word “disorder.” They don’t like feeling that they’re the other. Some misconceptions are that they can’t form relationships or they can’t hold down a job, but in reality, they are just like a neurotypical — they just learn differently, and they have different social cues and social greetings.”

Britt also voiced why she feels it is important to have programs for adults on the autistic spectrum, she said that once an individual turns 21 they are then an adult and the safety of school is left behind and that is why the The Arc’s autism program is so very much needed.

“Your structure is completely shattered. Here, this program is providing that structure, providing a place of belonging, providing a place of connectivity so that they can have those social connections”

Britt wants to start a theater program, Barrier-Free Theatre which will be an all-inclusive theater company that does drama activities and social activities.

The Arc also hopes to offer a job hunters class with it being designed to develop job skills and research.

Britt also hopes to run a Relationships 101 class. She said:

“I’m really happy that both parents and guardians and clients agreed to have this one. It’s a 10-week course where the class will give an individual a capacity to form new relationships”

The original article by Rachel Roubein in the Carroll County Times can be read here