Breastfeeding promoted as a way to ‘beat’ autism in the United Arab Emirates

CC BY-NC-ND by Topinambour

United Arab Emirates – A campaign for “beating” autism through breastfeeding has been launched in London UK.

Spearheded by Emirates doctor, Hessa Kahlfan, the campaign called SHARJAH aims to reduce autism cases by promoting breastfeeding – a shift from earlier programmes that centred on therapy.

She said in in interview with The National newspaper:

“Although there is a lot that we are still learning about autism, it is safe to say that one mother can do more to prevent autism in her child than all the doctors combined.

Once a child is diagnosed with autism, we should still do everything possible to help them contribute positively to society. But if we only focus on therapy, we are missing half the story – prevention is always better than cure.”

Breastfeeding is thought to not only strengthen the bond between mother and baby but also strengthen the neurological systems of both.

The initiative will focus on four areas – breastfeeding-friendly nurseries, mother and baby-friendly public places, mother-friendly workplaces and baby-friendly health facilities.