Boy with Autism and his Grandfather Forced off Bus.

Orange County,CA – Andre Carillo and his grandfather Moises Sanchez were forced to get off an Orange County Transit Authority Bus by the driver who claim the boy with autism’s outbursts were too much. They were left at Saddleback college which is about a half mile from their home.

Andre’s mother LIuvia Carillo is angry that the incident took place, seeing as her son as been a happy rider of the OCTA’s busses since the age of four. She stresses that while this noises and outbursts can’t be controlled, they never hurt anyone. As she told the NBC 4 News of Southern California

“He has impulses to where he gets really excited. Sometimes it’s one of us. Sometimes it’s the wall.”

Sanchez commented that he believes they are not the first person this has happened to.

Officials of the Transit Authority claim that all drivers are trained to deal with all types of passengers. In their released statement OCTA said that they are investigating the incident thoroughly and won’t comment until they know for sure what took place. They want their passengers to feel safe, something Andre’s mother wants as well.

“My son can’t express in his own words what he went through,” she told NBC 4, “Anyone out there can advocate and make a difference.”

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