Boy with autism suspended after taking rock to school to fend off bullies – w/video

McEwen, Tenn – A young boy with autism has faced disciplinary action by officials after bringing a rock to school in an effort to protect himself from bullying.

Zach Williams had frequently been targeted by bullies at McEwan Middle School and after becoming frustrated by the ill treatment he was receiving from his peers, resorted to bringing the rock in order to defend himself. Although a physical altercation did not ultimately occur between the youngster and those accused of bullying him, Williams randomly dropped the rock out of a window which resulted in him being suspended from school for 5 days.

However following the suspension, the 11 year old was subjected to increased bullying by other students causing his father Chris to become fearful of him potentially having an outburst and subsequently injuring someone. The concerned father asserts:

 “Ever since he’s dropped the rock out, he was already being bullied, but it’s been a free pass on him. He’s going to hurt somebody.”

Chris argues thus that his son has a basic human right to attend school and receive an education without being harassed and mistreated. However upon discussing the issue with the school’s principal, he believes that his complaint has not been taken seriously and is therefore considering pressing charges against the students who assaulted Zach.

Source: on the News 2 abc Nashville website: Boy with autism suspended for method used to fight off bullies