Boston police investigating alleged molestation of a child with autism by a teacher’s aide

BostonBoston — Police are currently investigating an incident reported by a Higgins-Lewis School employee where a child with autism, who is a student at the school, was allegedly molested by a teacher’s aide.

Parents of the 11-year-old child said that the student was fearful of reporting the incident at first because she thought that reporting it would get her into trouble.

According to reports, the school employee decided to report the incident after witnessing the teacher’s aide allegedly molesting the child with autism for the second time. The parents of the child were outraged when they were told of the incident. According to the child’s father,

“… the specific teacher was rubbing her hands, rubbing her back, actually touch her bum and actually touch her front part, private part.”

“I just want to prevent this person from doing it to other kids. There’s other classmates that my daughter has that are non-verbal that may have experienced something and they cannot express it.”

In a message to the parents of the Higgins-Lewis students, Principal Joy Salesman-Oliver said last Tuesday, November 12th :

“Yesterday afternoon one of our staff members reported that they had just seen another staff member interacting with a student in a way that made them uncomfortable. We removed this person from our building and contacted the police right away, who opened an investigation yesterday.”

The principal also added that counselors will be in school in the coming week to help the students.

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