Billy DeMink, 21 Year Old With Autism Weaves Rugs for Super Storm Sandy Victims

Courtesy of Woodsedge Learning Center

Courtesy of Woodsedge Learning Center

Richland, Michigan- Billy DeMink, a twenty one year old with autism, uses his special weaving skills to provide rugs for the victims of Super Storm Sandy.

According to Billy’s mother, Nancy DeMink, Billy was diagnosed in 1995 at age two with autism.  He is typically non-verbal. His mother states there were not many resources available at the time he was diagnosed.

His family sought out what was available at the time and at age 18 Billy was introduced to weaving at school. Billy was a natural.  He picked up weaving naturally and quickly.  His mother realized this was his special talent.  She began “Weaving Hope” where together they have provided over 140 rugs for the victims of Super Storm Sandy.

Nancy DeMink wants to open a store in the future for Billy to sell his rugs.  In the meantime he will have his own booth at the Richmond Art Fair on July 19th where his rugs will be on sale.

DeMink says their family has been contacted by a Manhattan store “Classic Rug Collection” who are interested in his rugs.

DeMink noted a recent grant of 4 million dollars awarded to Western Michigan University to further training for professionals in the autism field will help provide more and earlier resources for  children on the autism spectrum.

The original article by Koco McAboy with video can be read on here.