Big-hearted couple foster over 65 children with special needs

Kent, UK – An area couple who have fostered almost 70 children with special needs and various disabilities for over 25 years plan to continue providing care for youngsters who need it.

Nick and Julie both feel strongly about the value and importance of being foster carers and enjoy the intrinsic rewards there are in helping young people reach their full potential. Prior to taking on the role of foster parents, both had jobs with conflicting schedules that often made it difficult for them to see each other and have a typical family life.

Julie therefore opted to try fostering more than two decades ago by providing care for a 16 year old girl with disabilities. The couple went on to foster more young people including adolescent boys through referrals they received with the help of an agency.

Today, Nick and Julie reside in a community that is in need of foster parents who are willing to provide care for youngsters with disabilities. They have subsequently become staunch supporters of fostering and are recommending it to anyone who is interested in making a difference in the lives of young people. Julie notes:

“People can be nervous about the idea – it is fear of the unknown more than anything. But the more understanding you gain the less you can be afraid.”

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