Autism Workshop on the benefits of IPads for Children

CC BY-ND by Ant McNeill

CC BY-ND by Ant McNeill

Autism Services, Prince Albert, Canada – This month an autism workshop was held at the Victoria Square Conference room. The workshop focused on the use of iPads as a learning tool for children with autism.

Autism Services puts on a workshop the first Tuesday of every month and focus on a different topic each time.

Dr. Sharon Mitchell who is Autism Services consultant told Jodi Schellenberg from The Prince Albert Daily Herald:

“The reason things on the iPad might be helpful is because kids who have autism take in information that they see more easily than what they hear.”

She adds that the IPad is a very visual machine and appeals to a lot of children. The first half hour of the workshop was spent discussing basic apps and then people tried them out.

The article reports that usually two workshops per year focus on autism.

Dr Mitchell told the paper that it is important to educate others about autism because many people do not understand the disorder.

“I think a lot of people have an old-fashioned idea about autism,” Mitchell said. “They think of autism as a guy who might sit in a corner and rock and be totally isolated from his world. That is a part of autism for some kids but that is quite the minority.”

The workshops help people to better understand the issues around autism and are open to anyone,
The workshops are the first Tuesday of every month and start at 9am.
The original article in The Prince Albert Daily Herald can be found here