Autism training sessions help law enforcement

lostNorth Waterboro, Maine – Matt Brown is an Autism Information Specialist who has been advising law enforcement to overcome the challenges of searching for missing people with autism.

He has ran over 200 training sessions for law enforcement and he says in the WCSH 6 News article that he is not surprised that the search for Jaden Dremsa, 15 who has Asperger’s Syndrome has been focused on and around Lake Arrowhead.

Searchers have searched the nearby lake extensively and have also looked in the favourite places Jaden liked to hike and walk.

The information that Brown provides is becoming more valuable as the number of cases of autism being diagnosed is on the rise.

“So they’re going to be interacting with individuals with autism on a more regular basis, we’re seeing that here in Maine just recently. So these cases are going to become more frequent, not less frequent”

Brown urges all parents to register children with autism with their local police department.

The original article by Chris Rose on the WCSH 6 News website can be read here