Autism Hippie struggles on a day out in Disney’s Hollywood Studios with Autistic son

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A mother who decided to take her Autistic son to Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s after the change in regulations we reported on October 1 of Disney’s change in policy regarding their Fast Pass tickets.

The outspoken Autism Hippie set her Facebook page up on August 13 this year and took her son, Mike along for a day out on October 9 on the day of the change in Disney’s rules, chronicling her day with video and Facebook updates.

In a series of videos she shows Mike, and herself queuing up four times to go on the The Great Movie Ride, using up the majority of her allotted  fast pass tickets, having to eat her lunch quickly to go again, and then having to dart through crowds after her son, when Disney have recommended that she be ordering her disability passes through their Smartphone App.

As she says in this video:

“So here I am chasing after Michael through the crowds. This is when Disney want me to be to be checking my app to check the wait time so I can get my disability pass according to the wait times. Yeah, if I take my eyes off him then I’ve lost him,  he’s gone. This is not working.”

During the course of the day, there is a culmination of visible stress, that is apparent from the videos, the queuing takes its toll on Michael, who after a day of being patient melts down before going home.

Autism Hippie comments that the Special needs access that would have been used by her previously is now only used for wheelchair bound people and children, that SEN children are now bundled in with the masses, so as in Michae’ls case, when an episode occurs, that she is incapable of curbing tendencies like “self injurious behaviour or flapping” which could result in someone else getting hurt. Also she comments that the rides no longer have designated SEN seats, so she feels that other people out to enjoy the rides could be put off by behaviours they’re not sympathetic to.

Stacy Moore Richardson, a mother of autistic children who plans to visit the same site on October 26 comments:

 I have been following your post today and I am in tears for you and with you. My son has severe autism and he enjoys so little. Another thing is what happens when I wait (lets pretend this can happen without screaming, jumping to land on his knees or biting himself) for a certain ride and he decides he wants to do a different ride. We walk to a kiosk and wait again? My heart is breaking for all of these kids.

After reporting her visit however, she received a number of  messages from people who allegedly worked for Disney:


There are still schemes in place for people with SEN children who wish to visit the Disney studios and the Magical Kingdom, if your experience has been different to Autism Hippie’s we would love to hear your story. Please email


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  • Barney says:

    While I have some sympathy for this person and her son, you don’t pay for fast passes at Disney World. Are you familar with the new DAS policy? If not, you should read up on how it works, before commenting. You are doing a dis-ervice by providing incorrect information.

  • Angry Autism Mom says:

    I was really offended with some of her videos she had on her youtube page. Her earliest videos show her learning about the evil people from new york buying handicapped people for their usage of assistance passes, and how she’s decided to do the same with hers for a price. Then she decided to record herself in the mgm studios park harassing a worker at a ride about the policy inconveniencing her because she wants to ride over and over all day. She barely mentioned her special needs child in the rant, other than to say that her child was going to beat her. The ride worker doesnt have any ability to change policy. It sounded like she complained and complained at the guest services until they gave her more fastpasses in exchange for her going away. What made me the most enraged was the fast she referred to her child as ‘the kid’ the entire time, and rarely said his name.

    WE took our autistic son and daughter (16 year old twins) to the mgm studios park on wednesday as well and had a terrific time! We got our new green access pass (one for the family) and went to experience the park. While in the past we could in theory abuse the fastpass line and ride everything in the park over and over, we NEVER did. Our children were informed that we are in the park as a special treat, and that the disney company is very nice is helping us to enjoy the park. They never expect to be VIP’d through the park because the world owes them something like that woman does. They were taught better. Our new pass worked well. We got a time to come back after the wait time was over (70 minutes wait for toy story), enjoyed the new york street area of the park for an hour, walked back over, and were rushed through the queue. After that was over we went over to star wars (sons favorite) got a time for 20 minutes, watched a show with jedi in it right next door and then were rushed in the fastpass line with little wait. It worked beautifully. We enjoyed the park in a relaxed manner, we rode the attractions with minimal waiting in line, and we did not feel like we were being treated specially – WE WERE TREATED EQUALLY. I stopped by guest services before we left to leave positive comments for workers who were very nice and friendly in the park, and a supervisor saw us. He asked if our day was good, and I informed him of how positive everything was. He told me that with the new fastpass plus system we will be able to make 3 ride reservations a day ahead of time in addition to this service, which was definitely great news to us. My husband and I are really looking forward to our next visit. And hopefully this horrible Autism Hippie wont be there treating her child like an excuse to be a spoiled entitled brat – which is exactly the type of person the new system was meant to prevent against. No wonder she’s upset!

    • Autism Mom of 3 says:

      Her early videos where she talks about doing the same thing , renting out her son for the day , those were sarcastic and were supposed to be humorous. Same thing with what you call harassment of the workers…sarcasm and humor. Lord knows I need sarcasm and humor to get through my day with my boys. And yes, all three are on the spectrum.

      • Angry Autism Mom says:

        I’m sure the poor workers enjoyed being sarcastically and humorously screamed at. It’s still inappropriate, aa disney does not let teenagers and college kids mandate their policy changes.

        • Autism Hippie says:

          The ‘worker’ was a manager – who spoke with me for SEVERAL additional minutes that were not captured on the recording. I never screamed at anyone!! Get your facts straight.

          • Angry Autism Mom says:

            You forget I was also in the park. The woman working who had an ipad as you described her was an hourly worker not a manager or supervisor. get your facts straight and stop using your child like a disability, they are a blessing.

      • Autism Hippie says:

        Don’t you LOVE when people don’t understand sarcasm?! LOL LOL The best part is that she won’t get THIS comment either!!!

      • Mabella says:

        I have followed Autism Hippie’s page…and yes, she is sarcastic and if you really watch those videos you see she is showing people that it’s not all fun and games in having an child with Autism, but she does have some fun. EVEN Disney has said that there are problems with the pass system now in place for those that abused it in the past. Things need to be fixed. Anyone can tell that a child has a disability if they have an oxygen tank and a wheelchair, but not so much when they are non-verbal and have Autism. It’s not that this woman wanted to ride a ride over and over…she had things in place to have her son learn to take a break from one after the other. No one wants to see a handicapped child cry and scream having to wait for over an hour when they physically can’t. Autism Hippie did give Disney a chance…I hear good and bad things about this new system. When one has a ‘lesser’ severity in a disability, then the pass seems to work well(IF you have an IPAD). However, for those with more severe disabilities, the pass doesn’t work….and it’s only the kindness of SOME Disney employees that allowed for an OK experience for her son. As parents we have to advocate for our children because no one else will. What I see here is a LOT of hateful comments…nothing constructive, and nothing short of bullying. If you disagree, then disagree with tact.

    • Autism Hippie says:

      You had such a wonderful time…. why so angry??

    • Autism mom says:

      While it lovely that you could explain to your autistic son about the new procedure, please do not compare him or her to other children who may be more affected by autism. Many children are severe and lack the cognitive functioning you so happily write about. It is apparent you do not have a child that has the cognitive skills of a 2 year old in a teenage boys body. So thankful that he could also sit through a Jedi show. It is further apparent you do not have a child with such severe sensory issues he can not sit in one place for 2 minutes let alone an entire show or even a meal. It is also quite apparent your child doesn’t suffer from any physical limitations that make it difficult for him to walk and navigate the park and walk back and for to the kiosk over and over. So happy your son appears from your comment to be fairly typical, please do not pretend to understand the challenges of other autism parents.

      • tryingtobethevoiceofreason says:

        I think you stated this very well. Unfortunately some think their experience with autism is universal when many others know it is not. I got a kick out of the guide book Disney put out that we should spend time training our kids to stand in line: 1. Is my time really better spent doing that instead of continuing to work on my 21 year old becoming independent in the bathroom? 2. How in fact do we “practice” this? I don’t think standing in line at the bank, pharmacy or grocery store will transfer in the mind of someone with autism to standing in line at a Disney attraction. Unfortunately there are too many variables in relation to peoples experience at Disney. Many say just wait and see how the program works. That’s fine if you are a local annual passholder and can just go back in two weeks or if you don’t already have a trip planned. But it certainly creates more anxiety for someone who just spent the last three years saving for a trip that will probably cost between $2,000 – $6,000. As much as I love Disney, I’m disappointed in reading on several sites that the original plan had been to roll out DAS without any notice whatsoever. I think everyone has a right to voice their concerns.

    • Joseph says:

      wow – that follow-up comment of ‘Angry Autistic Mom’ (where the last two words of her own title are seemingly superfluous) was longer than the feature piece she was commenting on … and, alas, not nearly as interesting.

    • DisneyCM says:

      Angry – Thank you so much for being the voice of reason. I hope Disney hears comments like this over the insane crazy women that is Autism Hippie.

    • Cheriel17 says:

      Wow, your children UNDERSTAND when you explain things? I explain things and state rules HUNDREDS of times sometimes 30 or 40 times a day or even an hour. My son expects that if he keeps asking he can change things. You, my dear, should educate yourself regarding how difficult it is for some of us, because it seems that you have it rather easy. My guy is not 18 with a beard and the body of a man. You do not want to upset him. I am afraid to take him on an airplane, driving there would be OK, but once we get there he would not tolerate all that waiting. NEVER. EVER.

  • I did – I had a wonderful experience on Day 1 – I videoed the WHOLE thing and posted it as well, so families could know what to expect when visiting the parks with the new DAS system. Autism Hippie had a bad time because she went expecting to, she didn’t even give the system a chance.

    • Autism Hippie says:

      I also don’t work for Disney or is it their PR firm ??? … perhaps *that* contributed to your magical day. As you stated to me earlier, you are a “professional” and contacted them to arrange your videos. As your visit was approved and prearranged, I find it HIGHLY suspect and STAGED.

      I’d be happy to meet you for a reality day at the Magical Kingdom – I’ll even buy you a popcorn!

      Also, please stop harassing parents of children with autism from my Facebook page. – worry about your own life!

      • Autism Mom of 3 says:

        That system of kiosks and checking times to go back and forth wouldn’t work for my son either. I guess I’ll be sticking with Six Flags near me. And btw Hippie, I totally get your humor and sarcasm, sorry others don’t. I don’t see anywhere where you treat your son like a disability although he clearly has autism. My apologies if I disagree with anyone who sees autism as some kind of blessing. For my oldest, who is 16 and who’s autism was regressive, it robbed him of his language and stunted his emotional and mental development to that of a 2 year old. I love him dearly but if I could take away the autism, you bet I would.

        • Jackie says:

          You say you will take your son to six flags? The six flags by where I live, is Great Adventure and they have a very similar policy to the new one being implemented at Disney. I do feel a bit sorry about the change for those more severely on the spectrum, but at the same time, after reading this article and not seeing the videos, it does all seem like an attention getter and over the top dramatic. My son is autistic but higher functioning, so I am hoping the new system works fine for us. As it did at SIX FLAGS. Unfortunately people abused this system, A LOT, and they had to change it. Move on. You think Disney wants to slight special needs children? I think they are doing what they can to be fair to everyone. Even children who are severely on the spectrum need to learn at some point they have to wait for things and try to deal with frustration. This is life, and the world doesn’t revolve around anyone. And if they truly can not handle it, i am sorry to say they do not belong there. Just like my husband can not go to the water park because he has to wear a brace on his leg and can not walk with out it… (he has MS) I am all for exposing the flaws that may be when a new system like this is implemented. It should be about the system flaws though, not woe is me and my child. Maybe i should watch the videos before I judge, but after reading the article, the comments, and most of all the responses from Autism Hippie, I am going to opt out.

          • Autism Mom of 3 says:

            I do and have taken my son to the Six Flags near us. And no, it’s not Great Adventure. I have actually brought my son before the security force there as part of a training with another mom to try and help them understand what they may run into when it comes to a person like my son. They seemed very eager to learn that autism is not a one size fits all diagnosis. Meaning all are not the same. I don’t think the world revolves owes us or but I do expect understanding of his disability at some level. I’ve experienced some pretty rotten individuals just walking through our local mall with my son. People that laugh, point, stare, ridicule just over his loud humming , flapping and clapping. While others will come up to him and high five him and tell him how handsome he is. You say he doesn’t “Belong” there and “needs to learn to wait”. Unfortunately, while my son can wait for short periods, he cannot wait 45 minutes for one ride. They seem to make accomodations for my son and others like him at our local Six Flags. And that’s why I would continue to patronize them. My oldest son is not high functioning and I want to give him experiences outside of our home and our own yard. Sorry if you cannot understand that perspective. I have three on the spectrum, from PDD, Asperger’s to severe…all very different. All with various levels of understanding and need. I cannot force the severe one to learn to wait beyond what he can tolerate, just as you can’t force a deaf person to hear. Please don’t think I haven’t tried.

          • Autism Mom says:

            Jackie, Your reply seems completely ignorant and thoughtless. While I am truly happy that your son is high functioning, you appear to have NO idea what other’s with kids who are not are experiencing. How nice that because my son has more severe issues I should just never take him out of the house? I guess I will also never go to the grocery store, the mall, to eat, or let alone for him to enjoy himself. We go to Disneyland a few times a year and waiting in a fast pass line (not the front of the line by any means) is challenging for him. I guess according to you if he can’t handle it then he should just never go and experience Disneyland. It is people like you that take us back 50 years to when people would just put their children in homes. Maybe you need to spend the day with a teenage child that is more severe on the spectrum. You have absolutely NO idea what it is like.

          • Cheriel17 says:

            I echo the “take us back 50 years” sentiment. It is amazing how those among us with children with “higher functioning autism” can ration our children’s access to society. Empathy, it appears, is a subjective emotion.

          • my2girlies says:

            No they don’t , Great adventure has had the VIG in place for years and nothing has changed. I AM a season pass holder and go down every two weeks.

      • Frustrated says:

        I see you posting this all over, that this encounter was staged. I can assure you, since I personally know every single Cast Member that was featured in the Temporary Tourist video, that the encounter was NOT staged. Just because TT encountered a kind, understanding Cast Member doesn’t mean it was staged. Had TT come up to me, the encounter would have been similar if not exactly the same. I know her personally and have spoken to her. She had absolutely no clue who Temporary Tourist was, or that her video would go semi-viral like it has. If it were Disney “propaganda” as you say, do you really think Disney would tell the Cast Members in the background “Ok, now scowl into the camera” (which they are doing in the video and I have made fun of them for.) Have you seen the look on the older male Cast Member’s (a great friend of mine) face when he realized he is being filmed? He is NOT happy. Disney propaganda….of course.

        So, I will repeat, the Temporary Tourist video was NOT staged. Neither Cast Member interacting in that video had any prior knowledge (I have asked them both personally. They have no reason whatsoever to lie to me). Sure, Temporary Tourist may have asked Disney for “approval” but trust me, in a company the size of Disney, none of that ever gets relayed to the front-line cast, unfortunately.

      • ArthurFiggis says:

        Hey, Hippie. If your “sarcasm” is so poorly done that the vast majority of viewers call you out on it to the point of hiding not only your videos, but deleting your YouTube channel and blocking all the commenters on your facebook page–you’re doing it wrong.

        I feel so badly for your son. Being used this way borders on abuse in my mind. Your own paranoid delusions about Disney being out to get you are a signal that you may need to seek some diagnosis yourself. You are truly the worst kind of person.

    • Joseph says:

      … which, I suppose, is why Disney, *themselves* have since admitted that they have to ‘rethink’ things, and work out the kinks …

  • Concerned Special Educator says:

    I posted to the Autism Hippie’s facebook page website yesterday to express my concerns but since I did not share the same outlook on things she immediately removed it from her page. I am a special needs educator for over 10 years, I myself have learning disabilities, anxiety disorder, and social phobias, I have a niece an explosive emotional disorder along with other neurological disorders, so I understand and live and work every day with individuals who just want to be considered an equal member of society.
    I have so many concerns about the vile she is spewing, taking things out on cast members who have no control over what resort policies are, expecting treatment that does not hold up against the ADA laws; laws that are in effect to give EQUAL treatment for those with disabilities, and taking the stance that she is an advocate for all persons with Autism. Lady you are nothing like an advocate, you are the opposite of that you are taking strides to reverse all that the ADA and independent living agencies have been working towards for the past 20 years.
    You did not pay extra to receive those fast passes and if you did I would like to see the receipt, Fastpass is free system that is included with the cost of admission and like all devote disney followers this new DAS system has been in the process of being rolled out for over a month now, you had plenty of time to plan when taking your son to the parks, to ensure that your day was a successful one for not just yourself but for your son more importantly. You went to the parks looking for a fight, you wanted your 15 minutes of fame using your son, and you did, you used your son, to make yourself look like a victim. In one of your videos in the preshow room for the Muppets your panned your camera around and said that that is what you wanted the entire attraction to yourselves, lady you need to be a better role model for your son, only then will he be able to understand inclusion and that should be your ultimate goal as a mother not to make your son feel like he needs special privileges and is above the rest of the world.
    You mentioned taking his support person with you, then mentioned that you were directed to use the MDE app to check wait times, but you say that if you did then you would loose your son in the crowds, that is what his support person is for, I have been a support person in the past, that was my job that was what I was paid for, so you should probably take a look at the role your support person plays in your sons life.

    I am also aware that you removed not just mine but a few friend’s posts on your facebook page as well, friends that you and your followers claimed are trolls who have never dealt with a child of special needs I know for a fact that they have and that one of them was an adult who has Aspergers (a high functioning form of Autism), you cannot just let one side of a story be heard and try and silence all others that don’t hold with your ideals, that is a true form of hypocrisy. I hope that for your sons sake you learn to listen to what others have to say and not just turn a deaf ear because you don’t like what is being said.

    OH! and also its against the law for people to park in handicapped parking spaces with out designated handicapped plates AND! its against the law to not have handicapped parking spaces so your “Disney should just remove handicapped spaces” argument is just plain ridiculous

    Thank you and have a magical day

    • Frustrated says:

      So true. Autism Hippie keeps claiming that she wants “noodles and salad” and for people to be nice and happy on her FB page. But that only applies to people who don’t agree with her (which get instantly deleted). However, her followers have free reign to drop the f-bomb about people who disagree, call them trolls, and say horrible things about them. Double standard much? This woman puts herself out to the world via Youtube and Facebook, yet can’t take a shred of criticism. There’s a great thread on a Disney fansite about her.

    • Joseph says:

      (quote) … “I myself have learning disabilities, anxiety disorder, and social phobias”.
      … and there, in a nutshell, you have it. But thanks – none of us would have guessed, otherwise.

  • Johannes says:

    It’s very telling that an article is written about a woman and then she goes into the comments for the article and flames it up. How dare someone disagree with her opinions and feelings. If you do that you are harassing her and parents like her. I dare her not to reply to this comment. She’ll reply within 10 minutes of me posting this because flaming arguments on message boards and social networking is her life. I dare you not to reply to this message or talk about it anywhere. It’s killing her.

  • ASDMom910 says:

    I sincerely don’t get deleting comments because they may question your behavior re: your experience on the 9th. I find a great deal of your posts angry and hate filled. And also have you even thought of taking a step back to think if we parents to those on the spectrum want you to speak for us? Really? You think you re the representative sane and reasonable voice for us?
    And don’t wish Autism on someone again as a punishment. That is a vile and repugnant thing to say to someone and backhanded. Do you realize by saying this you’re basically saying “I view my son and all of those with Autism as a punishment” my child is, was and remains a blessing and never is to be considered a punishment. Think before you speak because with the platform you have found you could far more damage than good.

  • Mary says:

    About Autism Hippie lady
    In her quote:
    “So here I am chasing after Michael through the crowds. This is when Disney want me to be to be checking my app to check the wait time so I can get my disability pass according to the wait times. Yeah, if I take my eyes off him then I’ve lost him, he’s gone. This is not working.”

    NOTICE how she said HER DISABILITY PASS, not Mike her sons, HERS. Lady it ain’t for you, it’s for your son NOT FOR YOU.

    You said on your fb page, “A message from a Disney Cast Member… Let’s all hope that she is BLESSED with an autistic child so she can cut the lines and get good parking TOO!!'” LIKE WTF? You wish Autism on people like it’s punishment!??? And the other thing, on your videos, the one with the clip from “Mulan”, Disney doesn’t like their stuff copyrighted. You are all over the internet and not in a good way either. Try looking yourself up you moron.

    • Joseph says:

      QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Disney doesn’t like their stuff copyrighted.”
      …. LOL, Christ … LOL … Do you ever take the time to *read* what you tap out – or do you simply use a random word generator?
      … And it seems that if *you* are ‘looking people up’ – as you obviously have suggested, above – then *you’re* the pathological, obsessive-compulsive of this group …. LOL! … I mean, come on … It’s not like Autism Hippie is an old boyfriend who dumped you – and now you have to cyber-stalk them as a means to wallow in your own pity and pain, is it? LOL!

  • Ashley Lopez says:

    Autism Hippie thank you so much. I feel excatly the same way you do! Your sense if humor and similarities to my life keep me going. Breaks my heart Disney is excluding us and feel in no way you were rude. Again Thankyou so much!!!

  • Trish says:

    Angry Autism mom it seems to me like you are the one with the issue because autism hippee doesn’t agree with you. And as far as your children were taught better comment, it is the most ridiculous comment from an autism mom I ever heard. If you are able to teach your autistic children how to act in public then you must have some magical powers. My son is on the more severe side of the spectrum and meltdowns are not controlled. Furthermore if you do not like what is posted by autism hippee then don’t follow the page or watch the videos. I am a part of about 2400 followers who love reading her post and watching her videos. If your too uptight to find any humor in what can sometimes be a difficult journey then start your own page for serious autism parents. As far as autism hippee goes I hope you don’t let these hypocrites discourage you from doing what you enjoy doing and doing what the rest of us love reading and seeing. Your son is lucky to have you. AUTISM HIPPIE YOU ROCK !!!!

  • Living with Aspergers says:

    I’m the person alluded to in Concerned Special Educator’s comment who has Aspergers. I posted this comment on the picture Autism Hippie had on her Facebook page that said “If you can not be positive, at least be quite.” Needless to say, I’m sure she didn’t even read my entire comment, and she removed it and blocked me from being able to reply to anything on her page within a good minute or so of posting it:

    “As someone who personally deals with the struggles of Autism on a daily basis, this hypocritical post makes me sick. Living with Aspergers isn’t easy, but I’ve come a long way over 21 years. I’ll be damned if I’ll see someone like you speak for the Autistic masses when you don’t personally suffer from any form on the spectrum yourself. I know it and thank god every day that I’m as lucky as I am to be on the spectrum where I am; a place where many people don’t even know, or will ever know that I have a form of Autism. I know several, less fortunate individuals, so it’s not like I’m not familiar with what kind of issues I could be dealing with. Regardless, you claim that “If you can’t be positive, be quite.” Well that works both ways. Do you think you’re setting a good example for your son by whining and complaining for the duration of your entire vacation about not getting front-of-the-line access whenever you want it instead of enjoying your time at the most magical place on earth? You’re not setting a very positive influence for him, and you quite frankly, are coming off as more of a child then he is. Having lived with the issues I’ve lived with, I know what it’s like, so don’t you dare wish on me that “blessing of having an Autistic Child” your wishing on anyone who comes here and heckles you for your appalling, whiney behavior; because I know way more than you do about it; I LIVE IT EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. I have no disrespect for your son, but you are making me sick with every whiney video you post. The new system makes things fair for EVERYONE. Everyone has to wait. Weather your normal, have Aspersers, Autism, a Wheelchair, a broken leg that will mend in a week, missing limbs, mental retardation, whatever. Everyone is equal, and I think Disney is showing far more initiative than anyone ever has to try and make the world a better place for everyone to live in. If you’re that intent on getting right to the front of the line whenever you feel like it, go rent a personal guide and quit acting like they are holding you and your family down from having a good time, because the only one who is doing that is you and your negative outlook on life. Enjoy life; it’s not always fair, I know it for a fact. Every day I have to face it; I struggle to look people in the eyes, and I don’t know why, but it’s just that way. I struggle to speak to certain people, and I really wish I could, but for some reason I can’t. I know life isn’t fair. But I try to enjoy it, and you should too.”

    For a page that seems to be under the mindset that they are posting in a positive light about Autism, the blocking of a counter argument from someone who ACTUALLY HAS Autism and not just knows someone with is doesn’t seem very proactive on their part. I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I get reading stuff on your Facebook page. You make me sick, and I feel personally embarrassed for your son. It must be comforting to him to have a mother who acts like more of a child then he does.

    • Cheriel17 says:

      I echo the “take us back 50 years” sentiment. It is amazing how those among us with children with “higher functioning autism” can ration our children’s access to society. Empathy, it appears, is a subjective emotion.

  • Living with Aspergers says:

    And no, I don’t work for Disney. I don’t know why you think the Disney Company would purposely hire goons to claim they had a mental illness in retaliation to someone as petty as you. You think to much of yourself. Someone needs to check their ego.

  • tryingtobethevoiceofreason says:

    In the interest of fairness, some are slamming Autism Hippie because she removed some comments from her facebook page. The same think happened to me on the Temporary Tourist page. After viewing the TT video and then AH’s FIRST video, I comment on a post mentioning that AH had a different take on the first day of DAS. Well, once the back and forth started between the two pages, my comment on TT facebook page was deleted but many comments calling AH “vile” and such remained. Say what you will, my opinion is that people can make up their own minds and have the right to remove anything from a facebook page they created if they so choose. I don’t think any one person in this specific situation is completely right or completely wrong.

  • Weshallsee33 says:

    I watched all the videos and I have to say she couldn’t have been more negative. She wants her front of the line pass and nothing else will do. I understand her sarcasm. It wasn’t funny. It just made her look more negative which I didn’t think was possible. She did nothing but make herself look like an emotional, irrational lunatic. Way to flush all your credibility down the toilet with your nasty, sarcastic attitude. I applaud disney for having the testicular fortitude to change the mess they created by standing up to maniacs like yourself.

  • Barbara says:

    I found it very interesting that Autism Hippie posted a lengthy conversation on facebook with someone before deleting it.

    Does she not want the world to know that she thinks that her son deserves the same treatment and front of the line access as Make A Wish children?! How is there even any comparison? It might be the very last vacation that these kids get to go on and the last memories that their families may have with their child.

    Delete what you post all you want, but people are reading and know that you are not the victim that you claim to be by deleting every comment on your facebook page that doesn’t paint you as the saint and martyr that you claim to be!

  • Barbara says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I found it very interesting that Autism Hippie posted a lengthy conversation on facebook with someone before deleting it.

    Does she not want the world to know that she thinks that her son deserves the same treatment and front of the line access as Make A Wish children?! How is there even any comparison? It might be the very last vacation that these kids get to go on and the last memories that their families may have with their child.

    Delete what you post all you want, but people are reading and know that you are not the victim that you claim to be by deleting every comment on your facebook page that doesn’t paint you as the saint and martyr that you claim to be!

  • Tracy Brooks says:

    In one of “Autism Hippie Rules” videos it’s stated:

    – Be kind

    – Don’t judge people

    Maybe Autism Hippie needs to listen to her own rules. Both of you are parents of someone with Autism, there is no need for an internet argument about Disney policy. You had two DIFFERENT experiences at two DIFFERENT parks.

    At least these two ladies were able to obtain the card. I have read different accounts of there being major problems the past week about even getting one issued in Epcot.

    This just goes to show once again Disney has got to work on the consistency of how they train their employees especially when it comes to the Disabled Access Service (DAS) card. We need to work together to voice our concerns over policy, training, and implementation of the new rules.

  • Momofautisticson says:

    My sin is moderate but has huge sensory issues , Disney now sound like a nightmare to go for me and my son..and I’m not surprised. This country is full of incompetents. And idiots when it comes to. Companys.

  • Cheriel17 says:

    Seems that under the new system many of our kids could wait and change their minds about what they want to do a dozen times before they were allowed to do anything. It is a distinct possibility that we could end up going on almost no rides. Surely a perfect tantrum storm. We experience this at restaurants all the time–by the time our meals arrive my son wants to go home.

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