Autism domain ‘’ sold for $100,000

Dubai – The domain name sold for $100,00. The buyer is Sanjay Shah in Dubai and was inspired to buy the domain name after he started the charity Autism Rocks. Shah has a son on the spectrum. Shah is a successful trader.

News outlet Domain Name Wire met with the seller and reported that he is connected to another autism charity called We Rock for Autism. They also reported that the $100,000 was the first offer and it was made outside of Search Engine for Domain Offers (Sedo).

The seller contacted Sedo to help with the transaction and told Domain Name Wire that the domain name market place didn’t bring up their escrow option and instead charged a 15% commission on the sale. When the seller became aware of the cheaper option, Sedo refused to change options or refund him. However the seller is hope Sedo will donate the 12% to an autism charity in need.

While the money from the sale will go towards helping out the family, most will go towards the sellers autism charity.

Update – Andrew Allemann writing on the Domain Name Wire website reported on why such a huge price was paid for a domain name and why the customer in question paid a marketplace commission rather than for escrowInitial communications between Sedo and the seller took place via a company chat tool. This stated:

‘We are in direct contact with the seller and together we are going to analyze the process on potential mistakes and how to proceed.’ They then further add:

 ‘For your information: We are very happy to support registered charities and donate to respective organizations following our own criteria. Knowing that there are millions of charities registered in the world it is impossible to know and/ or support them all. Furthermore, if we are not informed and asked for support upfront for a proper case by case decision we cannot support the client in his desired way.’

So they are in contact with the seller and the situation should hopefully be resolved soon.

Source: Whoa: Autism.Rocks sells for $100,000 [Updated]