Asian Autism providers set to merge in order to improve services for those with ASD

Singapore – Four autism service providers will be joining forces in order to establish a new network geared towards aiding those on the spectrum.

The new organization was launched on April 7 in honour of World Autism Awareness Day and will be officially called Autism Network Singapore. As a result, the four providers which include the Autism Association and the Rainbow Center, will effectively merge in order to ensure that the services that have been provided for the 30 000 individuals in the country who have autism are more comprehensive.

Their objective is thus to establish a strategic plan in hopes of bridging sector-wide issues that have developed. According to Denise Phua (Moulmein-Kallang GRC), in the next year the new network will develop what it refers to as an “Enabling Masterplan.” The plan will ultimately help to address concerns that are inherent to an autism diagnosis such as unemployment and early intervention, therefore running the gamut of supportive provisions that will be enacted to reach its outlined objectives.

Additionally, raising both funds and awareness is also necessary and as such, various activities will be taking place during the spring and summer months throughout the country including a Light up for Autism event, charity run as well as a medical symposium.

Source: Jean Khoo Woan Ting on the Tablet Today Online: Four autism service providers join forces to develop masterplan to help those with autism