Alleged sexual abuse at group home in Iowa

Urbandale, Iowa — A group home originally intended to care for adolescents with special needs was shut down after its residents were reportedly sexually abused and mis-medicated.

Joe Buerckley, a 16-year-old who went through a rough childhood was one of the residents at the group home who was allegedly repeatedly abused . His adoptive mother, Suzie, said that Joe was given the wrong medicine at the group home at least once, and that he was not given his medicine for nearly a month. She told:

“Twenty-six or 27 days out of April they mis-medicated my son. It was a schedule two medication… which is by law to be counted every eight hours. So, three times a day someone signed off saying that that med was given to my son and it was never given.”

REM Iowa, the company responsible for running the group home, blamed the staff who were in charge of the group home. After failing to address the issues at the residence, the company decided to shut down the group home in August.

The original article on the 13 WHO TV news site can be read here