Alexis Wineman, Miss America, talks about growing up with autism

from twitter

from twitter

Fargo, North Dakota – Alexis Wineman became the first Miss America contestant with autism in 2013.

She told WDAY 6 News:

“The way I explain it to people, is I don’t have a toaster brain. I have a hair dryer brain. I did not even find out I had autism ‘til I was 11, late in the game. No early intervention for me. Can hair dryers make toast? They can I would not recommend it.”

Alexis told the story of how she grew up with autism but never knew it.She goes on to say that she wasn’t popular in high school.

“I was that weird kid sitting in the corner, i had friends but not that many.”

Alexis competed in the Miss Montana pageant and won and then went on to Miss America as the youngest contestant there.

Alexis is now in college and one day she wants her own talk show.

The original article by Kevin Wallevand on the WDAY 6 News website can be read here