16 year old boy with autism duct taped to goal post

PITTSBURG,PA – Austin Babinsack, a 16 year old boy with autism, was found duct tapped to a goal post at Highland High Soccer Field. He was found by an off duty Pennsylvania State Trooper.

Austin was allegedly duct taped to the post by several players and a coach.  The State Trooper said the boy was there for about 15 minutes in the hot sum before he saw him. The State Trooper reinforced how deadly this could have been.  He was in the hot sun, screaming at the top of his lungs, scared and could have suffered a heart attack.

The district released a statement saying:

“Highlands School District does not take matters such as hazing and bullying lightly. The district issues strict disciplinary action on students who think these actions are appropriate and harmless.”

The coach and two players have been suspended for at least five days. Local police are investigating this incident. Austin’s mother is afraid that this is only the beginning as Austin had recently attended a soccer game were he was made fun of and was called a snitch.

Austin’s mother added, through all of the comfort and support of family and friends, that Austin is afraid.  He no longer feels safe at school or school events.

The original article on the Fox 43 News website can be read here