Young man with Aspergers uses comedy to find his voice

Adam Schwartz2Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – Adam Schwartz is a young man from Winnipeg who has Asperger’s syndrome.  While the diagnosis itself is no laughing matter, he is using his new found skill of stand-up comedy to pave his way through life, and find his new voice.

You would never  know by simply watching his shows, but Adam once struggled to make eye contact or even fit in with his peers. However two years ago everything changed as Adam found stand-up comedy.  He has now founded a company and he hopes that this will help those individuals who are on the autistic spectrum to find their voices through the arts.

He says jokingly in the CBS News Manitoba article

“I’ve been a lot more confident.  I feel like it’s easier to talk to women,”

Adam will be headlining the comedy show, Autism Through the Auts that is taking place on  September 27.   This event that will be raising the issues of Autism awareness will take place at the Gas Station Theater in Winnipeg. Tickets can be purchased at the theater’s box office and through Asperger Manitoba Inc. and Autism Society of Manitoba.

The original article on the CBS News Manitoba  website can be read here