Young boy with autism made captain of Mason cross country team

Mason, MI — A young boy diagnosed with autism has been made captain of the Mason Cross Country Team. Mitchel Brooks first started running just a few years back but has already proven himself superior in the field of cross country running.

Just weeks after Brooks made his first run, he was able to cover a total of 12 miles during a workout, something that many consider extraordinary for someone who had just started running. The remarkable improvements Brooks has made in a very short course of time has quickly earned him respect from his fellow cross country running teammates.

Brooks has shown consistent remarkable improvements by breaking his own record each year. During his freshman year in 2011, his fastest at 5-kilometer runs was at 22:03, which improved at 20:38 when he was sophomore the following year, before he was able to achieve a record time of 19:25 just last year.

Mason cross country coach, Charles Miller said that although Brooks is not extremely fast, he is able to maintain the same speed from start to finish even during incredibly long runs, an ability rarely found in cross country runners.

Miller said that he has chosen Brooks to be captain for the Mason cross country running team this year simply because his extraordinary ability has made his teammates manifest so much respect for him.

The original article by Dick Hoekstra on the Lansing State Journal can be read here