Young boy with autism aims to break Honolulu marathon record

Honolulu, Hawaii — A young boy with autism is aiming to break 3:00 in a marathon in Honolulu on Sunday.

Joshua Manning first started running two years ago after meeting C1 Performance coach Brian King back at his hometown in Gold Coast Australia. That year, Joshua won the 2012/2013 National Olympic Distance Triathlon Championship for the category of 14-15 year olds, but it was running that really won his heart. Joshua told:

“I like how the first person over the line is the winner,” Manning said. “I like how the fastest person is the winner. It’s cut and dry.”

These days, Joshua is busy running back and forth along the shorelines of Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach as he prepares for the upcoming Honolulu Marathon. According to Joshua,

“I’m a bit nervous, but excited. I know I’ve gone further than the marathon [in another race] but haven’t done it in probably quite this hot. Bit nervous, but I’m very excited!”

Joshua will be joined by 30,000 other runners for Sunday’s event, which is Honolulu Marathon’s 42nd edition.

His autism has never limited Joshua in running, and the sport has become therapeutic for him. He told:

“You go out not too happy and come back really happy and calmed down and much better. Once I get down to a pace that’s good and I’m running along, I forget how hard it is and all that. It’s a lot of fun.”

Source:Chris Lotsbom on the Runners World website: Teen with Autism Hopes to Break 3:00 at Sunday’s Honolulu Marathon

Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta