Young autistic man with mental illnesses remains in county jail after 12 weeks

CC BY-SA by mikecogh

CC BY-SA by mikecogh

Pittsburgh, USA – Drake Munger sits in a county jail on $100,000 straight cash bond since August 8th.  Munger, now 19 years old is an adult, but he has  schizophrenia and other mental illnesses are compounded by mental retardation (with an IQ of 70) and autism.

Munger was charged on July 5th with with various offenses, including receiving stolen property, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment. The latter two were later dropped.

His mother, Caroline Drury said her son’s challenges involve a number of behavioural concerns including repetitive behaviors and difficulties with social interaction. She said that his constant pacing has gotten him into disciplinary problems at the jail.

A bond-reduction hearing for Munger was postponed by the Judge until officials determine if he is a candidate for the mental health court. Ms. Drury believes that an error in judgment has already cost her son an opportunity to be admitted to the program by a district judge on October 8th.

Ms. Drury says her son has lost 25 pounds:

“He looks like a skeleton right now.”

and she added,

“He talks about suicide all the time.”

Source:  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette