Woman with autism allegedly forced to leave singing group

Southern Alberta, Canada – Stefanie King, 30 has Asperger’s and loves to sing and therefore decided to join the Vox Musica Choir four years ago. The choir consist of 80 people ranging from members of the community and University of Lethbridge students.

The Global News website reports that on Wednesday April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, Stephanie’s mother, Karen received a phone call from the conductor of the choir who allegedly said Stefanie’s pitch was not up to the choir’s standards and therefore she would not be singing at the year-end concert.

“The choir director called me instead of Stefanie and told me her pitch was off and they had several complaints and she could not perform. Her life revolves around these performances. Having that plug pulled could have been handled differently.”

Karen told how the news came to be a huge blow to Stephanie’s self esteem.

“‘Her self esteem has taken a huge beating. Now because of judgment of a few . She feels not good enough now.”

The Dean of Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge was unable to discus this specific incident but said that the choir is open to anyone with a willingness to sing.

Vox Musica allowed Stefanie to sing in the final concert but only after after one of the members said she would stand beside her to help her with her pitch.

Stefanie’s future with the choir is still uncertain.

The original article by Kim Tams on the Global News website can be read here