Woman with Asperger’s from El Paso Hopes to Qualify for 2016 Olympics

Annmarie Keller from gofundme.com

Annmarie Keller from gofundme.com

El Paso, Texas – Annmarie Keller, 23 has been trap shooting since she was a little girl. She is now trying to qualify for the 2016 Olympics. Annmarie has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Annamarie is trying to raise funds to to achieve her Olympic dream and says,

“Being a member of “Team USA” has been a dream of mine all the way back in my childhood and then again my freshman year at Eastwood High school when I was on the ROTC Varsity Rifle Squad. There are several different “qualifying” events that I am required to participate in here in the United States as well as the World Cup events held in both Thailand and Spain later this year.”

Earlier this month Annmarie headed to Kerrville, Texas to try out for the 2016 Olympic trap shooting team. She told kfoxtv.

“It was a little nerve wracking but it was fun. A lot of training, to practice on the range a lot to be able to go and qualify there too,”

Sadly she didn’t qualify this time. There are two more tournaments, one is in August in Colorado Springs and the other takes place in Arkansas during November.

In November 2013 she had spinal surgery and suffered multiple pulmonary embolisms two weeks later. Her father says the family nearly almost lost her but a week later she was released from hospital and is within three months is “back to shooting 100 birds per event”.

Annmarie said:

“Nothing holds me back. I do what I love. I do a lot of sports so I stay active and stay out of trouble,”

Annmarie has set up a funding project that can be found here and she states:

“All of these events are going to cost quite a bit of money.  This is my dream, and I really want to be able to do it.  I am working hard to improve my shooting so that I can achieve my goals, and any help that anyone can give to help me will be greatly appreciated.”